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(A postcard photo, c1920s, of the house built by James Chaster after his first home was destroyed. Chaster called the building Gower Point Lodge but it was renamed Bonniebrook Lodge by subsequent owners.)

Almost 100 years old… the Bonniebrook Lodge is the oldest and longest running accommodation provider in the Sunshine Coast.

The area where Bonniebook Lodge now sits was called The Gower Point Lodge in the early 1900's. The Lodge was run by the Chaster family who owned the lands surrounding the accommodations.

The Chaster family built cottages, cabins, the lodge and a dining area. Guests from Vancouver traveled to the Lodge on steamships where they were greeted by Lodge staff in rowboats.


(The Wyngaert car parked at Whitakers beach in the Chaster Creek - Bonniebrook area near Gower Point.)

In 1929, the original lodge burned down, but was lovingly re-built by Mr. Vernon - a family which still calls Gibsons their home. The original portion of the restored lodge still exists today as the entrance and main dining room floor of the current Bonniebrook.

(A view from the large float offshore from the Chaster house, looking toward shore. James Chaster home, centre; Harvey house, extreme right. Float was to allow Union Steamship vessels to tie up here. Float was towed to Gibsons after each summer season.)

(Gower Point area, the first home of James Chaster and family, at beach across from the present Bonniebrook Lodge (the mouth of Chaster Creek.)

The Lodge was then sold to the Williamson family in the 1940's. The family restored the lodge and offered dining, tea parties and card games as part of the Lodge's services.

The Bonniebrook passed hands several times thereafter. The area housed campsites, a general store and small cabins. The Lodge finally had a major renovation to add the top suite floors and the Romance suites in the back in 2000.


Hosts Lei and Rose have recently acquired ownership of Bonniebrook. Experienced accommodations managers are committed to carrying on the Bonniebrook tradition and moving into the future with Lodge updates and a commitment to an accommodations and dining experience for all guests.

With the current owners' renovation of the original main floors in 2008 the lodge will continue to offer outstanding cuisine, ultra comfortable suites and of course, the same exceptional services started by the Chaster family at the turn of the century.


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